What is Maya Matrix?

In the glory and nuances of dream, waking state and deep sleep, you forgetting the awakened and alive state is Maya Matrix. Within the Maya Matrix, in the playfulness of Sadashiva, these three components overlap with each other: the play of the length – logical mathematics and intellect; Breadth – beauty, emotion, sentiment, poetry; depth – the cognising depth of the being.

In this drama, between the length, breadth and depth, when you forget the remaining multi-dimensional being of you, you get trapped in Maya Matrix. But Maya Matrix is not an enemy, because it does not have independent intelligence and life, which you have. Every day morning when you wake up, you struggle to get out of the dream state. But it is not a war. Similarly everything you go through is also just a struggle, not war— because the enemy, the other side, is not alive. The other side only has a negative existence, just like how the absence of light becomes darkness and darkness itself does not have independent existence.

Understand, everything you perceive as life is what you decided. If you perceive at this moment, your life is struggle, you decided to be in struggle. If you perceive at this moment, you are liberated, you have decided to be liberated. You have decided. Knowing the decision as your perception, but not knowing WHY you decided is Maya Matrix.


Decoding the maya matrix part 1 :

Decoding the maya matrix part 2 :


Be out of the Matrix – Know Why You Decided

Liberation itself has nothing to do with whether you perceive yourself bound, liberated or struggling. It is all about knowing WHY you have decided what you decided. Even if you perceive liberation and you do not know why you decided liberation, you are under Matrix, so it is one more method of controlling you. Understand that even if you perceive bondage, but if you know why you decided bondage, you are liberated. You are out of the Matrix! Decision and knowledge to know why you decided, is called life. Life is a struggle between Sadashiva and your forgetfulness.

The good news is that, first of all it is not war as the famous movie “Matrix” presents. If you can know why you decided, you are alive. If you can’t know, why you have decided what you have decided, you are a machine. You have not decided, rather you are programmed. Till the last moment, your being is driven by Artificial Ignorance, concepts of ownership and currency. You are a possibility to be either a “Sadashiva Sena”or Matrix Machine. If you decide to know why you have decided, you can be part of the Sadashiva Sena. Board the Spaceship of “The One”.

The whole struggle is all about waking up to your reality and this job is done by “The One”(Avatar). He enters into the Matrix consciously and plays the role of a being within the Matrix. Once awakened, He wakes up millions from the state of being alive “Turiyatita”, manifesting all the powers, helping and empowering every being who has woken up to awaken others. In His spaceship – the “Kailasa”, there is no fear or struggle.

The Artificial Intelligence machines cannot attack there. Getting you to the spaceship, empowering you with awakened and alive state, awakening you from just the three states (you know) to the twenty five states, awakening you to the length, breadth, depth, time, space and the whole 11 dimensions, empowering you and sending you back to wake up more people is the purpose of “The One” (Avatar) through Sadāshivoham. All the forces with which you are struggling, wants to keep you inside the Matrix. They are also sometimes empowered just to test your Will Persistence. The beauty is, the moment you touch the Saffron Pill by listening to “The One”, you can never go back to the Matrix to sleep. Everything is worthy of giving up to be in the space of Sadāshivoham, because all that is within the Matrix.