Jiva Jagat Ishwara


Jiva pertains to all the 25 states of consciousness that exists from the deepest sleep and highly inactive state to the most awakened and active state including the most coveted ‘Waking’ state in which conscious decisions of aligning one’s consciousness to its highest purpose are made. The five basic states of consciousness are Deep sleep (Sushupti), Dreaming (Swapna), Waking (Jagrat), Awakened (Turiya) and Beyond Awakened (Turiyatita). These states crisscross with each other to create 25 states of consciousness. Turiya-Turiya being a highly awakened state or enlightened state and Turiyatita-Turiyatita being the ultimate state of Sadashiva which is beyond enlightenment.


Jagat pertains to 11 different dimensions of existence, the units of these dimensions are Length, Breadth, Depth, Time and Space. Length is the energy of verbalisation. Breadth is the energy of visualisation. Depth defines the cognition. We are in a dimension where we have verbalisations, visualisations and cognition along with time and space. But time and space are not in our control. Likewise, animals live in the same space as we do but they only have limited verbalisation, limited visualisation and very limited or no cognition. Just like us, time and space is not under their control thus they are subject to cycles of birth and death beyond their control.

All the Gurukul Balasanths who are expressing so many Shaktis after being initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda are in the same space as us. But, they are in a different dimension since to a certain extent they have control over past, present and future. Therefore they can access the records and tell us the details. In higher dimensions there are permutations and combinations of visualisations, verbalisation and cognition along with time and  space being under their control. For example: In a dimension where verbalisation and cognition exists with time and space under their control is the dimension of Gandharvas, while in the dimension of Munis or rather Maunis there is absence of verbalisation. So as they communicate telepathically with visualisations and cognition along with time and space being under their control.

Finally, in the one dimension where all these exists but in inactive form is the Turiya-Turiya state and where they exist in active form is the Turiyatita-Turiyatita state, the ultimate state of Sadashiva.


Ishwara or Sadashiva consciousness has five aspects to it. The are: Creation, Sustenance, Rejuvenation, Putting in Delusion and ultimately Liberation. Western understanding of GOD is limited to only first three aspects not all the five, which leaves out 90% of understanding about the cosmos and its happenings and the way to get out of its web.