To practice these 4 Truths,it is important to become aware of our root pattern and complete with it. A root pattern is the deep identity,which you create about you and others, including the world around you. This is how you view the world. You may not even be aware of it, but it runs like an undercurrent through all your actions and thoughts.



Since we view all life through this tinted and tainted glasses, we think everything is impossible in the future. And, this becomes the flow of our life – the default future. Whenever you deny the possibility, you deny your life to you. Due to this default future, you develop SDHD – self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial. You believe that everything is impossible, but if it is possible, you should not get it, can’t get it or you don’t deserve to get it. SDHD leads to development of lot of incompletion in your life.



Incompletions are the leftover fragments of a past memory, incident, thought or emotion which disturbs the present moment, limiting and distorting your perception and response to life. All incompletions are in some way connected with the negative thought patterns you carry–fear of poverty, failure, disease and feeling you are unworthy, unloved or powerless. Aggression in our inner space is when we talk to ourselves. We always have the idea that we need to defend or protect something, so we talk to ourselves. Receptivity in our inner-space is us listening to ourselves. Talking to ourselves is always incompletion.



Whenever you associate yourself with the listening component of you, you get into the space of Completion. Whenever you are in the space of Completion, the consciousness in you stops the aggressive one talking and he relates with you. Completion is nothing but reclaiming the bits and pieces you threw away in unconsciousness; reclaiming all those parts back and becoming complete with you. Completion is living and acting without any hangover of the past incidents, words, actions or memories that caused suffering in you.

The process of completion helps you dissolve root patterns, creating a new space in you. Completion is removing the illusory gap you are different from it and experiencing the truth that you are one with it. The illusion creates incompletion in you and the other. Deciding to remove the illusion of incompletion and declaring to experience the oneness with the other is completion. It can happen in many ways. It may happen in the form of re-living, relieving, reconciliation, enriching, reaching out or relating. But once completion happens, one thing will be taken away from you and that is reacting. You will not react –you will only relate, relieve, reach out and rejoice.


Shravana -Listening

Listening’ is listening to the experience the other person is trying to impart into you without even using the ears just using your natural ability to listen to the other person. By your innate natural ability, you can listen, see, receive information just using your Third eye and the organ related to your Third eye – brain – without the use of any other organs. When you are listening, trying to listen put your whole effort on listening through your Third eye.

Listening means: “internalizing without the interference of incompletions.” When you listen without incompletions, many times the other person will not be able to agitate you. This is the secret of successful conversations. Talking to ourselves is always incompletion. Listening to ourselves is always Completion.


The exact process of Completion

  1. Declare with Integrity you are going to be complete.
  2. Any incompletion sitting inside you, sit with the mirror and start talking it out. If it is related to somebody else, start talking to that person with the motive of completion, not with the motive of taking revenge or creating a new fight! Don’t go and do that! Then it is like a elephant going to take bath, but puts the mud on its face and comes back more dirty! Sometimes people go to complete with the wife and start talking and pick up a new fight, and come back more depressed, more incomplete! Go and talk to them with the decision to complete.
  3. Whatever you think still it is sitting inside you after Swapoornathwa – completion with you and completion with others – complete it through cathartic processes like Glassalolia – talking in tongues – Manipuraka Shuddhi Kriya. Use these types of kriyas, and through catharsis complete it.
    These three are the direct processes, direct method to achieve completion.Complete with these four tattwas. Bring completion within you with these four tattwas. Bring yourself to completion through all these three methods.

Completion technique :