4 Tattvas

In 2013, Swamiji delivered 4 powerful and eternal truths, Nithya Satyam, awakening us to the Four Powers of our lives. These Four Powers are the keys to health, success and lasting happiness.


The Power of Words or vak-shakti. Integrity is the key that unlocks the Power of Words. INTEGRITY is fulfilling the words and thoughts we give to ourselves and to others, honouring them as our life. The Power of Words will reveal itself through us when we practice Integrity.


The key that unlocks the Power of Thoughts or mano- shakti. AUTHENTICITY happens when we live at the peak of all our dimensions: who we perceive ourselves to be inside, who we project ourselves to be for others, what others expect us to be for them, and how we view the world. The Power of Thinking floods in when we align our dimensions to the highest possibility we hold for ourselves.


The Power of Feeling or prema – shakti. Responsibility is the key that unlocks the Power of Feeling. RESPONSIBILITY means living and responding to life from the truth that you are the Source and responsible for all happenings in and around you. The Power of Feeling unveils itself when you practice Responsibility.


The Power of Living or atma-shakti. Enriching is the key that unlocks the Power of Living. ENRICHING is the power of life. When you take responsibility with integrity and authenticity, to enrich yourself and others, expansion happens. You truly enjoy the Power of Life when you realise that the greatest rewards come when you live your life for others. The energy expressed inside you propels you into a new dimension of expansion.