Swamiji has spoken numerous hours on different topics pertaining to spirituality and the science of enlightenment. Up to thousands of hours of such content is freely available for anyone to access on YouTube. Swamiji’s teachings come from the oldest, richest tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. All his teachings are based on Shastra pramana (truths as recorded in the ancient Vedic scriptures, the Veda Agamas) Apta pramana (fool proof, time tested truths that have been experienced by great Enlightened Sages), Atma pramana (truths that have become his very own experience, and is communicated to his disciples as Sakshi pramana (truths that can directly be experienced by the listeners).

Through his teachings, Swamiji has shared with his disciples how to conquer both the inner world and outer world. He empowers his listeners to achieve the highest of possibilities; from fulfilling desires of wealth and health and overcoming intense emotions such as pain, fear and guilt to revealing the science of enlightenment itself.

One of the biggest, most unique and revolutionary contributions that Swamiji has made to the world is to share the Science of Power Manifestation. Swamiji initiates his disciples and awakens their “Third Eye” which leads to manifesting extraordinary powers. Some of these powers include blindfold reading, remote vision, body scanning and instant downloading of any information. He explains in great detail how this science is proven to be replicable in every human being, initiates and supports his disciples to manifest these extraordinary powers through his guidance.

Living Sadashivoham process participants

Participants of Living Sadashivoham process at Bidadi, Bengaluru Aadheenam