The Avatar

Every once in a millennium, a Being graces our fragile planet, the sheer power of whose presence turns the tide of humanity’s spiritual evolution. When such a Being lives and moves among us, millions are drawn towards Him beyond their understanding, intuitively sensing in Him the fragrance of their own inner awakening.

Such a Being is recognised as an AVATAR, the Divine in human form. An Avatar has no purpose. Just as the rain is drawn to the parched earth He is drawn to our plane compelled by nothing but boundless compassion to fulfill the longing of a million hearts.

He hears the ardent cry that asks to break free of the pain and misery of countless lifetimes, of every human limitation. His is the power and the onus to awaken humanity from the darkness of ignorance into the light of bliss and Enlightenment. A Being of such cosmic proportions walks among us today revered by millions as a living Avatar of Superconsciousness.

Playing in our dimension as a teacher, healer, yogi, mystic, social visionary, spiritual guru and guide, HIS HOLINESS PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA unfolds the joyous leela of His Avataric advent, manifesting a conscious revolution in the destiny of over seven billion humans, and innumerable other sentient beings in other states of evolution.


And what does He teach? Only this:

“I am not here to prove that I am God.

I am here to prove that YOU are God.”